After a company has been incorporated in Uganda, it is eligible for an investment license. Provided its capital investment exceeds US$ 100,000 (Foreign firms) and US $ 50,000 (Local firms). We forward applications for an investment license on behalf of our clients from government authorities. After all required documentation is submitted along with the filled form, the license is issued.

Documentation required includes;

  1. Copy of the Certificate of Incorporation
  2. Copy of the Memorandum and Articles of Association
  3. A brief business plan.
  4. Proof of financial ability to implement proposed project i.e. bank statement or letter project support from the bank
  5. Proof of proposed physical location of project.

Secondary Licenses. There are some sectors that regulatory approvals from the relevant entities and these include: energy generation, mining, banking, air transport, pharmaceuticals production, education and health.

The regulatory approvals/permits/or licenses must be acquired before applying for the Investment License.

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